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We are the leading resource for anyone looking to create a new Executive Sponsor Program, or who may have inherited an existing poorly performing program. We are a group of consultants who have amassed a wealth of experience on how and why Executive Sponsor Programs fail or thrive, including members of Fortune 500 Corporations, Ignite Advisory Group and the  As a result we’ve developed a series of best practices which have become invaluable in consulting engagements, helping large global Fortune 500 B2B organizations get closer to their top client executive sponsors.

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Looking to improve your Executive Sponsor Program?

We've collected world-class best practices for managing Executive Sponsor Programs and created a package of PROVEN templates, processes and project plans for you to create a best-in-class ESP.  For more details please contact us today.


The ”Managing Executive Sponsor Programs: Strategy Guide” is packed with intellectual property and subject-matter expertise. There’s essentially 10 key steps in creating an Executive Sponsor Program – we walk you through each one in detail. But before that we’ll discover if your organization is actually ready for an Executive Sponsor Program, and if not, how to prepare your organization, with detailed examples.
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